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Cyclical Events

koledowanieThe Provincial Meetings of Carol Singers and Nativity Play Groups
The Meetings of Carol Singers and Nativity Play Groups offer an opportunity to watch many interesting stage performances by artists belonging to various age groups.
Carol singers, Herod groups and nativity play groups present performances related to Christmas rituals, making use of any stage effects. Such performances may also be modern interpretations of Christmas symbolism.
This event aims at the development of favourable conditions for reactivating and continuing folk rituals and customs, as well as the development of an additional plane for the presentation of performances and programmes outside one's own community and the exchange of experiences among the participating groups and their instructors.

jarmark koguciThe Polish-German Rooster Fair in Sulęcin
The Polish-German Rooster Fair in Sulęcin is organized annually on Palm Sunday. It is a cultural and commercial event taking place in the Centre of Sulęcin since 2009.

The Fair's objective is to inspire the population of the Sulęcin Commune to maintain Easter traditions and to promote folk handicraft. It meets the expectations of the population of Sulęcin and the neighbouring villages as well as the numerous visitors from the foreign partner towns.

The Fair's programme, prepared with great precision, abounds in various attractions, such as performances by kindergarten kids and folk groups, handicraft, Easter decorations and regional products fairs (during which one can buy doilies, wicker baskets, Easter decorations, Easter cards, honey, etc.). There are also interesting thematic competitions, such as a competition for the longest and most beautiful Easter palm, the most beautifully decorated Easter short crust tart, and the most beautiful Easter floral decoration (addressed to schools and kindergartens, as well as individuals). The winners can get attractive prizes funded by the organizers. The joyful entertainments during the event, together with numerous stalls with plenty of things, create a truly festive atmosphere.

dni sulecinaThe Sulęcin Days
The Sulęcin Days have been organized since May 1994. It is an annual cultural and recreational marathon lasting for several days, meeting the expectations of the population of Sulęcin and the neighbouring villages as well as the numerous visitors.
The event programme, prepared with great precision, abounds in various attractions, such as concerts of famous stars, cabarets, tournaments and competitions.
During the Sulęcin Days thousands of visitors come to the Culture, Sports and Recreation Centre in Sulęcin. The competition and tournament winners can get cups and attractive prizes funded by the organizers and numerous sponsors of this event. The joyful entertainments during the event, together with numerous commercial stalls offering a rich variety of products, create a picnic atmosphere, and enjoy great popularity among the town population and the visitors.
The Sulęcin Days provide its participants with unforgettable experiences and emotions.

Cross Sulęty
Cross Sulęty is a cyclical event for amateur runners at various distances from all over Poland. The participants have to be at least 7 years old.
The main race is a 10 km race, with age categories and an open category. Women and men have separate classifications. Children and adolescents run at separate shorter distances.

festiwal wake upWake Up & Live Music Festival
WAKE UP & LIVE is a unique festival. It is not only unique in the Lubuskie Province, but also in Poland. It is unique because one can listen to all kinds of music, from rock music to classic roots reggae in folk and ethnic moods, mixed with jazz and blues.
Wake Up Festival is one of the few festivals in which the beauty of music is the most important thing, without any division into genres. The most appreciated qualities are, above all, variety and individualism, as well as finding pleasure in playing and sharing music. A competition for "young" groups takes place during the festival. The jury selects the most interesting groups which are distinguished by their freshness, originality, energy and technical skills. The groups compete for the title of a winner and attractive financial and material prizes.
Since 2007 almost half a thousand groups from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belorussia have participated in the festival. About 70 groups of young performers as well as such stars as Kasa Chorych, Dubska, Maleo Reggae Rockers, Power of Trinity, BiG FaT MaMa, Brandon Giles and The Tricky Two (USA), Lombard, Lion Vibration, Armia, Jafia Namuel have already performed in Sulęcin.
The festival enjoys ever greater popularity every year. It is addressed to adolescents mainly, but grownups and entire families can also find something for themselves. Wake Up Festival is not only about music, but also: fine arts workshops, drumming workshops, theatrical performances, photography exhibitions, presentations of non-governmental organizations, sport tournaments and films.

dozynki gminneCommune Harvest Festival

In order to thank farmers for their hard work lasting for many months every year, as a result of which splendid vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat products and fresh bread land on the local inhabitants' tables every day, the annual Harvest Festival is organized in Sulęcin. It begins with a holy mass, after which a colourful harvest procession marches through the town streets, accompanied by the sounds of a brass band from Grochów, to the facilities of the Culture, Sports and Recreation Centre in Sulęcin.
The Harvest Festival is a good opportunity to organize numerous attractions, the first one of which is the Harvest Ceremonial held in the Culture, Sports and Recreation Centre in Sulęcin. Folk groups' performances and concerts are also held there. Moreover, during the Municipality Harvest Festival one can visit handicraft, crop and agricultural equipment exhibitions which are very popular among visitors.

An interesting event is the Villages Tournament, during which one can watch various competitions among village teams. There are competitions for the most beautiful village, housing estate, farmstead, backyard and housing estate garden, harvest wreath and the most interesting village stall. Every year colourful stalls decorated with crops prepared by particular villages are assessed during the event. The village stalls enjoy great popularity among the visitors, as it is possible to purchase homemade preserves and cakes there. In the evening, a concert takes place, which attracts numerous spectators.

zjazd cyklistowThe International Cyclists Rally
It is an international event aiming at the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as well as cycling tourism, and the integration of its fans. It was organized for the first time in 1994 under the name of the Cyclists Rally. The cyclical character of the event in Sulęcin contributes to the growing interest in such a form of active recreation. The participants cycling through the marked cycling routes have a chance to get to know the beauty of the Sulęcin Region.

Within the last 18 years, 360 km of cycling routes and paths have been marked out for cycling fans.

These fans come to Sulęcin every year from all over Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. The programme of the International Cyclists Rally is so rich that the participants have no time to complain about boredom. Organizers of the event prepare routes of various length and difficulty, which is why cyclists of various age categories participate in it. The multi-generation character of the event enables everyone (aged 5 to 100) to participate in it, regardless of their age and fitness. There are many additional events for mountain and road cycling fans, such as sport and recreation tournaments with prizes, a road race, an uphill race, concerts and presentations, as well as an integration meeting in "U Bulka" Club.

nordic walkingNordic Walking Workshops
Since 2010 the Town Office in Sulęcin has been organizing the Polish-German Nordic Walking Workshops, which enjoy enormous popularity both among the local population and tourists.
More than 200 people participate in the autumn workshops. The participants are the inhabitants of Sulęcin and the neighbouring villages, as well as tourists and visitors from the partner towns. Every participant receives a start number and a promotional T-shirt. There is an instruction demonstration and a training class for the participants conducted by Nordic Walking instructors.
Everyone interested in this form of activity can obtain not only valuable information concerning the Nordic Walking principles, but also improve their walking technique under the supervision of qualified instructors. Various fitness competitions during which the participants may win valuable prizes are also held there. Every participant gets lunch and a warm meal after their return from the route.

wigilia miejskaMunicipal Christmas Eve Supper

In order to create a holiday mood for the population of Sulęcin and the visitors, one week before Christmas a Municipal Christmas Eve Supper is organized in the market place in Sulęcin. Carol singing, exchanging Christmas greetings, and tasting Christmas dishes prepared by the employees of the local educational institutions and the Welfare Centre, create a unique atmosphere which allows everyone to get ready for the coming Christmas.










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