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Lakes and ponds

Buszno Lake

Read moreBuszno Lake, just like the entire natural landscape of the Łagowsko - Sulęciński Landscape Park and its neighbourhood, gained their configuration during the last Ice Age, the Poznań Phase, about 18000 years ago. It is an unusually picturesque and valuable lake with respect to its natural qualities. It fills a fragment of a deep tunnel valley, and is surrounded by terminal moraines reaching over 200 m above sea level.

Buszenko Lake

Read moreThe beautiful Buszenko Lake is located in the south-eastern part of the Municipality of Sulęcin. It is a lake located at the highest altitude in the Lubuskie Province, hidden among the highest hills in the region. Buszenko Lake is connected with Buszno Lake by means of a canal, and just like Buszno Lake, it gained its configuration during the last Ice Age, the Poznań Phase, about 18000 years ago. The banks of this beautiful lake are mostly steep, and in some places almost precipitous. The area nearby the lake is overgrown with splendid beech forests. The bottom near the shoreline is overgrown with a narrow belt of submergent plants, such as Eurasian watermilfoil, rigid hornwort, Ranunculus circinatus, and shining pondweed.

Lubniewsko Lake

Read more

Lubniewsko Lake covers 17% of the Lubniewsko Wilderness area and is one of the most attractive water reservoirs in the Lubuskie Lake District. It is located on the border between the municipalities of Sulęcin and Lubniewice. Its uniqueness is proved by the area of more than 240 ha, a diversified shoreline, moraine hills surrounding it, as well as the natural wealth of its waters. The moraine hills with deep valleys are overgrown with beautiful beech forests.


Ostrowskie Lake

Read moreIt is a postglacial lake in the Lubuskie Lake District, 6 m deep. It is located to the north of Ostrów, near Sulęcin. The lake has the shape of a kidney, with its long axis in the north-western direction and south-eastern direction.
The bottom in the central part of the lake is not diversified, almost flat, but from the western shore it descends rapidly to the central part. It has the smallest inclinations in the peninsula area and in the south-eastern bay near the outflow. The lake is surrounded by small hills overgrown with a pine forest on the western and southern side. Right at the water side, there are some alders and birches, in particular numerous near the outflow.

Turskie Lake

Read moreTurskie Lake is located in the military training ground in Wędrzyn, in the Municipality of Sulęcin, in a forest near Tursk. It has an oblong shape, with many indistinct bays and promontories. All of its shores are hard, dry and clearly ascending above the water surface. There are large and deep erosion valleys overgrown with junipers on the western shore of the lake. The shore becomes gentler in the north-eastern part, where a car park, a sandy beach and a bathing site with two single piers have been developed. The piers are also used by frogmen, in particular army frogmen, who frequently train in the clean waters of the lake.


Ponds in the KORMORAN Centre territory

kormoran stawyIn Sulęcin, at 57 Daszyńskiego Street, there is the “Kormoran” Centre in which there is a bathing site with a pier and 3 fishing grounds (special, trout and mixed) for anglers.

Others Lakes

j wedrzyn-  Głębokie (Pierwsze) Lake

-  Owiecko (Trzecie) Lake

- Postomsko (Wędrzyńskie) Lake



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