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St. Henry Church

Read moreBuilt in 1862, the neo-gothic church was originally the only church serving the small Catholic community then. The Church survived the war time and the Red Army's march almost intact.

St. Nicholas Church

Read moreSt. Nicholas Church, situated in the town centre, probably dates back to the 14th century. The original simple aisleless church was frequently rebuilt and extended throughout the centuries. It gained its final shape in the years 1899-1900.


Church in Brzeźno

Read moreThe neo-Romanesque church in Brzeźno, its present form dating back to 1773, with rich furnishing, such as an altar of the first half of the 17th century (with fragments of an older 15th century gothic pentaptych), a wooden cross (of the mid-19th century), a brick mensa; a wooden hexagonal baptismal font of the late 18th century (with a tin baptismal basin of 1681); a red bronze bell of the 19th century.


Church in Długoszyn

k dlugoszyniethe neo-Romanesque church in Długoszyn (with neo-baroque elements) of 1733-36, with interesting equipment, such as a wooden cross of the first half of the 19th century; a tombstone made of sandstone for J. S. Hufhagel (a local pastor, deceased in 1795).


At present, it is Our Lady of the Rosary Roman-Catholic Church;



Church in Drogomin

k drogominieThe late gothic 14th century church in Drogomin with historical furnishing, such as an altar of 1696, a pulpit of 1700/1701, parish priest's stalls of 1717, a hexagonal baptismal font of 1691, a 19th century iron bell.


At present, it is St. Wojciech Roman-Catholic Church;



Church in Grochów

k grochowiethe neo-gothic church in Grochów of 1888. It is furnished with an early 20th century harmonium (manufactured by the Imperial and Royal harmonium manufacturer, Spaethe).

Church in Miechów

k miechowieThe neo-gothic church in Miechów of 1862-64.

It has tin candleholders of 1717. At present, it is St. John the Baptist Roman-Catholic Church ;




The Church in Ostrów - the old Templar Knights' Chapel

Read moreThe Sulęcin commandery which used to be the centre of the Templar Knights' monastic estates funded in 1244 by Mroczko of Pogorzela has not survived. The location of the monastic seat is not known, although a settlement located to the south-west of the town or the area to the north-west of the town walls where the mansion of the Order of St. John was later located, are indicated.

Church in Trzebów

k trzebowieThe neo-gothic church in Trzebów of 1872 with a red bronze altar of 1846. At present, it is St. Andrew Bobola Roman-Catholic Church ;




Church in Trzemeszno Lubuskie

Read moreThe neo-gothic church in Trzemeszno Lubuskie of 1866. Its original furnishings disappeared in unexplained circumstances. At present, it is in the Markischer Museum in Berlin (among other things, it consists of a wood cross with some 16th century polychrome; a 15th century silver gold-plated chalice; a silver Host container with a diameter of 9.5 cm and an acanthus ornament (the year 1699 is on its reverse side), a tin baptismal font funded by Wenceslaus Allerley and his wife in 1667; fragments of a bell of the turn of the 14th and 15th century.

Church in Tursk

k tursku

The neo-gothic church in Tursk of 1862. It was built in the place of an old church of 1598 from which some furnishings were preserved, e.g. 14th/15th century bells and bells dating back to 1600, as well as 15th century candleholders. At present, it is St. Stanisław the Bishop Roman-Catholic Church.

Church in Wielowieś

k wielowiesThe neo-gothic church in Wielowieś of 1889 with a historical altar, a 19th century octagonal pulpit with a polychrome presenting the evangelists. At present, it is Our Lady of the Rosary Roman-Catholic Church;

Church in Żubrów

k zubrowiethe 18th century church in Żubrów with interesting ratchet mechanisms in the door locks, probably dating back to the 18th century. At present, it is St. Michael Archangel Roman-Catholic Church ;





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Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

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