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A Ruin of a Forester's Lodge

A Ruin of a Forester's Lodge

ruiny lesniczowkiIn a forest near Buszno Lake, there is a ruin of a forester's lodge.

Right at the road leading from Trzemeszno Lubuskie to Wielowieś, near Buszno Lake, there is a ruin of a forester's lodge. In January 1945 the lodge was inhabited by the Winkler family who had been foresters for generations.


A beautiful horse-chestnut alley leads to the ruin; at its end grows a splendid lime tree. A forest parking lot, a wood shed and two commemorative stones are next to the ruin. From the recollections of Adelheid Winkler - the forester's daughter:
"The front yard was large, partly overgrown with short grass, and in front of the entrance to the house, cobbled. The entrance to the lodge was separated from the horse-chestnuts alley by a wooden lattice fence with an extensible gate. On the hill side, there were fruit trees. There was also a vegetable and flower garden, and two fields stretched further on. Barley and potatoes were planted there. A beech forest was rising over the lodge; it was admired by everyone who visited the area then. I remember the horse-chestnuts alley very well, especially when the spring sunbeams were breaking through the light green leaves. In the autumn, we collected chestnuts for which we were given a few pfennigs for candy. In the winter, father used to spread hay in front of the gate, and chestnuts and acorns on it. When it was getting dark, we used to watch the deer and wild boars come and eat the goodies. There were plenty of wild berries in the neighbourhood. Many women used to come to the lodge in the morning to ask for permission to pick them. We also picked berries and thus made some money. Despite the large forest growing nearby, our yard was very sunny. It was a quiet and peaceful place in which we felt safe. We spent our wonderful childhood and adolescence there."




Dariusz Ejchart burmistrz wita jasne

Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

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