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Nowy Tomyśl - Poland

Nowy Tomyśl - Poland

nowy tomyslA town located in the western part of Greater Poland, on the Szarka River, 60 km away from Poznań. The earliest traces of settlement in the Nowy Tomyśl Municipality date back 11 000 years ago. However, the region was properly developed only in the 18th century, mainly because of the Haulander settlement. Nowy Tomyśl was granted a town charter in 1786. From 1793 to 1919 it was under Prussian rule. It was liberated by the insurrectionists of Greater Poland. 

The oldest part of Nowy Tomyśl has a unique urban planning in which there are two market squares. Several dozens of buildings dating back to the second half of the 19th and early 20th century have survived in this part of the town. Among the important monuments of history there is the baroque-classicist 18th century evangelical church.
Nowy Tomyśl is a well known centre of industrial design and wicker art design. Walking along the town streets it is easy to notice the rich variety of wicker forms decorating them. The most important of them is the Giant Basket which was entered into the Guinness World Records Book because it is so unique. Visiting Nowy Tomyśl it is also worth going to the Culture and Recreation Park covering the area of 34 ha to visit the Museum of Wicker Industry and Hop-Growing and a zoo. The Nowy Tomyśl region is the largest area of old Haulander settlement in Greater Poland, which can still be seen today in the characteristic village building development around the town. Over a large area, among fields, meadows and forests, there are large farms connected by a network of roads and paths. It is an ideal place for hiking and cycling.
Since 1 May 2005 Nowy Tomyśl has been a partner town of Sulęcin.


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Mayor of Sulęcin
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