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Sights and Attractions

In 1945 almost half of the town buildings were destroyed. The following monuments of history have survived: the gothic St. Nicholas Church of the 14th century, built on a granite ground course of the 13th century; fragments of the town walls of the 14th century; the neo-gothic St. Henry Church of the 19th century; the building of the former feudal house; Neuenfeld's Villa of the late 19th century; a school building of the early 20th century; tenement houses in the market place area dating back to the 18th - 19th century (on one of these buildings there is a commemorative plaque dedicated to Leon Pinecki, the world and Europe wrestling champion, who used to live here). The monks from the Order of St. John and the Templar Knights went down in the history of Sulęcin and its neighbourhood; they left behind a late gothic 15th century church in Ostrów and the 18th century House of the Order of St. John in Sulęcin.
One of Sulęcin's great tourist attractions is the fragments of the 14th century town walls, with a gate and remnants of towers, considered to be the most interesting historical fortifications in Poland.
In nearly all of the villages in the commune there are historical churches and sacral objects worth attention.



Others architectural attractions




Dariusz Ejchart burmistrz wita jasne

Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

serdecznie witam na stronie internetowej Gminy Sulęcin.

Życzę przyjemnej lektury i zapraszam do odwiedzenia urokliwej Ziemi Sulęcińskiej.