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Cycling Routes

sz rowerowe

The cycling routes network around Sulęcin is approximately 360 km long. It comprises three large loops (Lubniewicka, Łagowska and Słońska), each approximately 90 km long, and three small loops running around Sulęcin (the Głaźnik and Red Stream Route, 19 km long; the Postomia River Valley Route - 20 km long, and the Ostrowska Route - 14 km long).
The Cycling Routes Programme comprises also a network of cycling routes within the town of Sulęcin, 14.9 km long. The course and scope of the cycling routes has been adjusted to the current and future transport network of the town.


 The course of the cycling routes around Sulęcin (the so-called small loops) has been designed in order to present the natural attractions and interesting places in the Sulęcin Region to tourists and the local population. Each route is up to 20 km long and is ideal for a trip lasting 2 to 3 hours. The small loops are simultaneously parts of the large inter-municipal loops. The starting point of all cycling routes is in the Market Place in Sulęcin (Czarnieckiego Square). Each route can be taken in both directions and day-long trips can be planned on each of them.
Inter-municipal cycling routes, the so-called large loops, comprise 7 municipalities. The length of the cycling routes and the number of attractive places located along them guarantee 2 or 3 weeks of active holidays "on a bike saddle". All large loops start in Sulęcin; they are approximately 90 km long and they run through all municipalities included in the Cycling Routes Programme. The majority of cycling routes run along the existing roads of low categories (such as municipal roads), as well as along forest paths and farm roads. All routes are marked by means of information boards, road signs and signs with a bicycle symbol on a white background.
In 2006 bilingual tourist routes marking started in the Sulęcin Region. Along 56 km of routes several dozens of information boards were placed; tourist attractions along the routes were described on them in two languages: Polish and German.
The course of cycling routes is also presented in numerous publications, such as a tourist map "The Sulęcin Region by bike and on foot", a tourist map "The monuments of nature around Sulęcin", a plan of the town of Sulęcin "The Sulęcin Trail of the Order of St. John", and a tourist guide "The Lubniewsko Wilderness".

In the northern part of the Łagowsko – Sulęciński Landscape Park (near Bukowiec, the northern part of Trześniowskie Lake, and Buszno and Buszenko Lakes), there is a military training ground. Hence, it is necessary to have a permit issued by the Commanding Officer of the Army Military Training Centre in Wędrzyn in order to stay in the area (tel.: 95 755 64 70).

The Beeskow – Sulęcin cycling trail

The trail, approximately 120 km long, leads mainly along almost completely modernized asphalt roads and low traffic volume side roads. It runs through such historic towns as Beeskow, Friedland, Müllrose, Frankfurt on the Odra River, Słubice, Górzyca, Ośno Lubuskie and Sulęcin. Tourists cycling along this trail get a chance to see the Schlaubetal Nature Park, the riparian forests near Słubice, the Polish part of the Odra River Valley, the xerothermic turfs near Owczary, the Warta River Estuary Landscape Park and the Sulęcin Switzerland. While cycling along the Beeskow - Sulęcin trail it is also worth paying attention to some other tourist attractions, such as the historic Old Town and St. Mary Church in Beeskow, the Friedland Castle, the Wildpark and numerous museums and galleries in Frankfurt on the Odra River, the Culture and Recreation Park in Słubice, the Meadow Museum in Owczary, the former residence of the Lubusz Bishops in Górzyca, the Żabice Fort, St. James Church and the Museum of the Torzym Land in Osno Lubuskie, the Fountain of Good Neighbourhood in the Market Square, the House of the Order of St. John, and St. Nicholas Church in Sulęcin.


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Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

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