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The "Lubniewsko Wilderness" Nature and Landscape Complex

uroczyskoThe "Lubniewsko Wilderness" Nature and Landscape Complex was established in 1993. The Wilderness located between Sulęcin and Lubniewice covers an area of over 1.400 ha. Administratively, it belongs to the Sulęcin Forest Inspectorate. The Lubniewsko Lake constitutes 17 % of the area of the beautiful part of the Lubuskie Land; the name of the Complex also derives from the lake. The lake is surrounded by pine and mixed forests and gives a lot of charm to the place.

The core of the Wilderness is Czerwony Potok [Red Stream], 2.8 km long, collecting water from the numerous well-heads of this beautiful incised valley of the same name. Czerwony Potok flows into Lubniewsko Lake in its south-western part.
The moraine hills were formed as a result of direct glacial aggradations during the last Baltic Ice Age. The significant soil mosaic and the extremely diversified lie of the land are also the consequences of glacial activity. Differences in altitude in small areas reach even several dozens of metres. Beech forest stands in the numerous ravines and canyons resemble piedmont regions.
It is possible to find pines, spruces, beeches, Douglas firs, oaks and black locusts here, which are very rare elsewhere. We can find fragments of man-planted forests as well as natural forests. In the Wilderness, one can see how a tree is born, grows, bears fruit, and eventually dies, rots and becomes a breeding ground for future generations. Many of the animate and inanimate nature specimens in this diversified environment have the characteristics of monuments of nature.
The great diversity of soils, combined with a micro-climate, finds a reflection in diversified flora. There are around 300 plant species in the "Lubniewsko Wilderness" Nature and Landscape Complex, of which 15 are under strict protection. The most valuable protected species are sundews and ivy.
The animal world of the Complex is also much diversified. In Lubniewsko Lake, there are sponges, turbellaria, oligochaeta, leeches, molluscs, crawfish and 24 fish species, and in the grass and marshes - various species of amphibia and reptiles, as well as beautiful butterflies. At least 90 species of breeding birds live in the "Lubniewsko Wilderness" Nature and Landscape Complex. The most interesting ones are white-tailed eagles, black storks, cranes and kingfishers. Fallow deer, wild boars, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs and small rodents are also numerous here.
In order to preserve the valuable natural environment, hiking and cycling routes have been marked out in the "Lubniewsko Wilderness" Nature and Landscape Complex for hiking and cycling fans.
One of the elements which all tourists visiting the Complex admire is the canyons, and among them the most beautiful one - Wąwóz Żubrowski [Żubrowski Canyon]. It is about 700 m long and 30 m deep. It has numerous offshoots, one of which resembles a huge boiler. In the very steep slopes of the Żubrowski Canyon there are large erratic blocks, as well as sandstone rock ribs, which are a natural curiosity. A small stream flows in the lower part of the Canyon. A red hiking trail leads to the bottom of the Canyon, while a red cycling trail and a green hiking trail runs along its upper part.
So-called forest architecture facilities have been built in the Wilderness:
"A House on Water" - a roofed platform in the western part of the lake shore, with back-up facilities on the shore;
a clearing in the Wilderness (a parking lot, recreation places, such as tables, benches, sheds, a campfire place) at the road from Żubrów to Lubniewki;
"angler's parking lot" in the northern part of the Wilderness;
"Mountain Mill" recreation place;
a beach near Rybakówka.


When in 1812 the French were coming back from Moscow, they went through Lubniewice. They probably lost their way and not far from the old road to Gorzów their war coach fell down the steep cliff, into a very deep canyon filled with water. Two officers and a coachman were on the coach, and inside there was their loot. It all drowned in the canyon waters; there was no chance to rescue the people and the loot.
On dark and windy autumn nights, the two officers get off the coach at midnight; one of them on a grey horse and the other one, headless, on a black stallion, they gallop across the forests.



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