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The Łagowsko – Sulęcińskie Beech Forests

buczynySulęcin is surrounded by beautiful deciduous forests growing on the banks of two tunnel valley lakes: Buszno and Buszenko, and on moraine hills. These are beech forests, which grow on loamy and sandy soils, and which are a natural type of forests for such a site. The forest stand is exceptionally splendid. Some people say it is one of the most beautiful forest stands in Poland. The Łagowsko – Sulęcińskie beech forests grow on the verge of their geographical range and they are a connection between the Pomeranian beech forests and the mountain beech forests.

The majority of them consist of lowland acid beeches. In some areas, usually at the base of hills, a more fertile form develops. The beech tree is the dominant tree in beech forests. Beeches are mainly mixed with Scots pines, Sessile oaks and sycamore maples. There are also spruces, Douglas firs and larches, which are foreign species in this geographical region, but they make the landscape even more picturesque.
There are very few plants in the undergrowth of poor-form beech forests. A characteristic species is the hairy wood-rush, one can also find ferns, e.g. the common male fern and many bryophyte species. In the more fertile form of beech forests, there are more species related to beeches, e.g. grasses, such as melica uniflora, melica nutans and milium effusum. Light green Carex sylvatica grows over large areas here. Liverworts, anemones and Early Dog violets bloom here in early spring.
Beech forests offer beautiful views all year round. They are particularly impressive in autumn, however, when their leaves become red.



Dariusz Ejchart burmistrz wita jasne

Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

serdecznie witam na stronie internetowej Gminy Sulęcin.

Życzę przyjemnej lektury i zapraszam do odwiedzenia urokliwej Ziemi Sulęcińskiej.